You started your business to do more of what you love


not to stress over your bookkeeping

Maybe you've been feeling like...

  • You're doing your books wrong...or at least, not all right...

  • Only accountants can figure out how to use bookkeeping software...

  • DIY bookkeeping resources are just designed to keep you confused about accounting so you'll pay someone to do it for you...

  • You've got enough things to worry about with a new business without throwing bookkeeping into the mix. Leave that for the tax preparer next year...


You want to take care of your business' finances and be more aware of your profitability. But someone had to go and make bookkeeping so friggin' complicated (& so friggin' expensive to outsource).

It'd be so much easier if someone could just simplify the accountant-speak and teach you just what you need to know so you can confidently do it yourself for now.

think about what it would feel like to have...

  • An easy-to-use system that'll have you doing your books in less than 30-60 minutes a month

  • A walkthrough of a beginner-friendly bookkeeping software that won't cost you a dime

  • Strategies for maximizing the strength of your financial records throughout the year to make tax time an absolute breeze

  • The exposure to accounting principles that you need to finally make sense of your business' finances and cash flow

  • The confidence to pull your own financial reports and determine the strength of both your financial PERFORMANCE and POSITION

What if you could get all that in less than 90 minutes?

the diy bookkeeper masterclass

A one-hour (ish) training that simplifies and demystifies the monthly routine that shouldn't be so darn stressful.

No accounting experience necessary, for once.

allyssa barnes

After watching the masterclass I feel more confident that I can maintain my books and that it doesn't have to be difficult. I'm so excited to hit January 2020 and not have to stress about my books for 2019. Thank you for putting this together! You're an excellent teacher and I loved how easy you made everything!

Allyssa | WordPress Developer

what's inside:

This Masterclass is made up of two main parts:

➡️ Part 1: Accounting Crash Course
We're going back to basics and laying down some fundamentals that are going to help you learn WHY we do the things we do in bookkeeping!

➡️ Part 2: Bookkeeping Routine & Tech Tutorial
Then, we'll walk step-by-step through my recommended bookkeeping routine with practical examples inside the free accounting software, Wave!

➡️ Plus, I've included a detailed PDF Workbook & Reference Guide containing additional notes, diagrams, exercises, and instructions for special cases and troubleshooting!

diy bookkeeper workbook preview
sheila joy

Now I know exactly how to track my income and expenses, what I need to be doing once tax season rolls around, and how to make time for accounting. And get this: I’m actually excited to manage my finances now (I know, crazy!) I can’t recommend Katie enough!

Sheila | Lifestyle & Brand Photographer


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Is this the masterclass for me?

It's perfect for you if...

✔️ You are a digital entrepreneur in your first few years of business

✔️ You are taxed as a sole proprietor (or the equivalent in your country) on your personal return

✔️ You understand the importance of having a proper bookkeeping system in place

✔️ You have a knack for figuring new things out on your own once you get the right guidance

It won't help you if...

❌ You run a "traditional" business w/ more complex finances (inventory, payroll, etc)

❌ You are taxed as a partnership (Form 1065) or corporation (Forms 1120 or 1120S)

❌ You aren't willing to commit to a regular monthly routine for maintaining a financial system

❌ You aren't ready or able to sit down and really learn how to so something new for your business

lauren taylar

The accounting aspects of my business no longer feel like a looming cloud over my head. I feel much more confident about tax preparation and know what my next steps are.

Lauren | Website Designer


What kind of business is this for?
This Masterclass was designed with digital, solopreneur-style sole proprietors in mind. Corporations have different tax requirements that are beyond the scope of this training. Otherwise, if you are taxed as a sole proprietor and you are providing either services or digital products as your primary business model, you're in the right place!

What if I ultimately plan to outsource my books? Can't I just skip this stuff?
I address this in the intro to the Masterclass - I believe every single business owner needs to know the concepts I teach in this class. The basics of accounting (hello, the language of business), bookkeeping, and financial statements are critical pieces of knowledge for you to make the CEO decisions required of you. Outsource the work, not the knowledge.

What if I don't have the time to get started on this right now?
Bookkeeping set up can be a bit of an upfront time investment, and while I encourage you to make it ASAP, I understand if you're in the middle of something right now. For now, I recommend taking baby steps to make it easier to get started when you do have the time! You'll have lifetime access to this class, so it can wait after you buy (and the early bird price will save you some $$). Plus, you'll learn - around the 33-minute mark if you want to skip ahead- the bare minimum steps I recommend you take TODAY to make it easier to start later on.

Is there an offer at the end of this Masterclass? What else is this going to cost me?
Nope and nada! This is a Masterclass, not a webinar, which means that my job is to pack as much value into this training as I can with no ulterior motive. Many bookkeeping education materials out there have a pitch at the end for you to hire the educator to do your books for you - which begs the question, "Did they make this confusing just so I would feel overwhelmed and pay them more money?" I don't do bookkeeping anymore, so know that I'm doing what I can to truly equip you to DIY it! Also, I teach you how to use totally free software, so setting up this system won't cost another dime beyond the cost of this training.

Will this help me if I live outside the United States?
I believe it will! Organization is pretty universal and that's a lot of what bookkeeping is. And I always encourage every business owner, whether you're in the U.S. or not, to get a tax professional you trust to help with that side of your business. So if you do that, this class could definitely still help you with the record-keeping side! The bookkeeping programs I use also work internationally, too! Just know that all references to tax information are with U.S. tax law in mind.

Will this Masterclass show me how to use Quickbooks or Xero?
For the sake of simplicity, time, and cost-effectiveness, I thought it best to focus this Masterclass on learning the free program, Wave. However, because of the focus on fundamentals and concepts rather than just tech, the lessons can very easily still be applied to other bookkeeping programs. Any accounting software that utilizes double-entry accounting will likely have very similar functions!

Will I receive 1:1 support for my books?
You can always email me ( with basic questions, but if it isn't a simple answer, I may pass you along to another pro! I can give you referrals to the people I trust to either A) give you 1:1 guidance for DIYing or B) take over your bookkeeping for you, depending on your need.

What is the refund policy for this training?
Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and are nonrefundable. However, I really believe in the information packed into this Masterclass and know that those of you who show up fully for this training will walk away better informed than when you first clicked PLAY!

Hey there, I'm Katie!

Former-accountant-turned-digital-entrepreneur on a mission to help women like you set up game-changing financial systems in your life and business.

My true passion has always been money management, but as much as I'd love to leave bookkeeping in the past, I can't deny its role as the first step toward greater financial health for your business.

So I created The DIY Bookkeeper Masterclass to help you conquer one of the biggest hurdles business owners face in their entrepreneurial financial journeys. Because when it comes to money, knowledge truly is power.

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